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Slash released this special video to help raise awareness for the plight of homeless youth in Los Angeles. To download "Gotten" and donate to LAYN, please visit slashonline.com/gotten, for more information on Los Angeles Youth Network, please visit layn.org/donate.html.

A comprehensive nonprofit organization, LAYN provides for more than 10,000 runaway and homeless youth on the streets of Los Angeles every night, with emergency shelter and group homes for those 12-17 years old and long term transitional housing for young adults 18-24. The goal is to keep these often neglected, abused and homeless youth off the street and provide them with the basic necessities of life such as safety, food, shelter, counseling and supportive services.

Shot in downtown LA, the star-studded cast for “Gotten” features SLASH as himself, as well as Amanda “AJ” Milchalka (“Hellcats,” Super 8), Kristin Bauer (“True Blood”), Clifton Collins Jr. (Traffic, Capote), Jacob Vargas (Next Friday, Traffic), Sevier Crespo (Fast Lane) and Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), among others.

Check out the behind-the-scenes making of the video here: youtu.be/9ydNhx7OPkA

“This video was created to make people take notice of the homeless teen epidemic which is rampant in L.A. as well as in the rest of the country,” explains SLASH. “The story in this video is just one scenario amid millions of potential situations happening at any given time in Los Angeles alone. Everybody involved with the making of this video selflessly donated their time and talents to this cause. I thank them with all my heart.”

“Gotten” (music video) - CREDITS

SLASH featuring Adam Levine:
I'd like to thank the cast & crew for selflessly donating their time & talents to the making of this video for free. Their creative efforts combined in the interest of raising awareness to the plight of runaway & homeless teenagers struggling against all odds in Los Angeles. LAYN has committed to the task of providing these teens with shelter & support for years now. But it takes your help & donations to succeed. Please support LAYN at layn.org/donate.html

Director: Clifton Collins, Jr.
Cinematographer: Pedro Guimaraes
Producer: Slash
Executive Producers: Clifton Collins & Talbert Morton

CAST (in order of appearance)
Slash as Himself
Runaway/Daughter - Amanda Milchalka "AJ"
Street Thug 1 - Savier Crespo
Street Pimp -Jacob Vargas
Runaway Street Worker - Megan Ozurovich
Mother - Kristin Bauer
Boyfriend - Jack Rubio
Teacher/John - Judd Nelson
Gun Dealer - Clifton Collins Jr.

1stAD - Savier Crespo
Operator/Steadicam - Pedro Guimaraes, SOC
1st AC - Daniel Schade
2nd AC - Nick Lantz
Digital Loader - Jaswinder "Jazz" Bedi
Stills - Myron Parran
Writer - Jon Paul Lewis
Script Revisions - Clifton Collins Jr.
Casting - Veronica Collins Rooney C.S.A
Editor - Alex Kirkwood
Colorist - James LaViola

Special Thanks to:
Cartoon Tattoo shop
Marco Valdez
Estevan Oriele
SA Studios
Pat Cairnes
Sam Macaroni
City of Los Angeles
LA Youth Network
Sebastien Lumme
Carlos de Mattos
Micheal Mansouri
Jeff Pierce
Jeff Varner
Original version of “Gotten” produced and mixed by Eric Valentine

Astound Studios song mix:
Producer - Jerry Mahabub
AstoundSound® Mix Engineer - Greg Morgenstein
Mastering Engineer - Gavin Lurssen
3D Spatial audio technology provided by GenAudio, Inc.
Camera provided by:
Camadeus Film Technologies
ARRI & Panther rentals
Lenses provided by: Radiant Images
Lights provided by: CineMills "LEDZ"
C-Motion Cvolution provided by: Digital Incident
Color Services provided by: Stereoscope LLC